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Our firm possesses vast experience in the negotiating, structuring and securing of debt financing with respect to both movable or real estate assets across different sectors (e.g. agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, mining, and energy production) and services.


Negotiating and securing the right financing is key to ensuring the development of a company and the execution of its strategic plan. Our clients, both lenders and borrowers, find comfort in our firm’s skills and extensive expertise in the field. The numerous financing mandates we have been awarded by institutions operating across all economic sectors bear evident testimony to the trust these lenders have in our firm.


Discipline is important in every practice but this is especially true of the financing sector, where creditors demand that legal advisors confirm the rank and validity of bonds and sureties, which must be rigorously enforceable against third parties. Borrowers also take comfort in knowing they can rely on our experts’ recognized and thorough knowledge of all that is commercial, industrial and real estate financing.

Lenders and Borrowers

Each day, our experts are involved in financing for clients of all sizes, operating across all sectors of the economy. We have as much success acting on behalf of lenders (private or institutional) as we have with borrowers, whether negotiating a financing offer or preparing the related legal documentation. We also act on behalf of Canadian and foreign lenders, and we are often involved in the structuring of cross-border financing.

Available at All Times

We represent several companies operating within the manufacturing, retail, transportation, construction, information technology, biotechnology, agrifood, energy, real estate and tourism sectors. We carry out mandates pertaining to the different types of corporate credit such as credit opening, operating and term credit, long-term financing and financial leasing, as well as guaranteed, non-guaranteed and equity loans. The firm also secures financing for construction projects and tracks progressive disbursements with the progress of the work.

Key Services

  • Debt subordinations and extensions
  • Real estate and commercial loan agreements
  • Movable hypothec agreements
  • Land hypothec agreements
  • Creditors’ agreements
  • Real and personal securities
  • Subordination agreements
  • Syndication agreements
  • Construction financing
  • Financing offers
  • Equity and convertible loans