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Licensing and Technology

A Team at Your Service

As a leading business and commercial law firm, Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon has developed expertise in licensing, distribution, technologies and intellectual property valuation, as well as in access to information and privacy matters. We represent companies of all sizes, including service providers and their clients, at any stage of their development.

Our team of attorneys represent clients in corporate, property and service acquisition transactions, and in the application of IT usage policies.

Our business acumen and legal expertise enable us to counsel a clientele as vast as it is diversified, on all matters of licensing, distribution and marketing of intellectual property. We provide assistance to manufacturers, retailers, franchisors, software developers, e-commerce businesses, telecommunications infrastructure providers and integrated circuit designers, as well as life science companies involved in drug research and development, bioinformatics and human genome research, in addition to designers and manufacturers of biotechnology tools, medical devices, lab equipment and diagnostic instruments.

Our team of attorneys practicing in privacy and access to information offers policy drafting and implementation services, as well as compliance services and representation before all judicial and administrative tribunals.

An E-Commerce World

E-commerce is continuously evolving, and so are the needs of the sector. In order to offer our clients unparalleled expertise in this area, we draw upon our team’s thorough knowledge of the laws and business matters surrounding portal development and acquisition, websites, online retailing, partnership and alliance agreements, outsourcing and delegated management, jurisdictional and security issues, transaction processing, privacy, digital signatures, spamming, data encrypting, and B2B and B2C e-commerce practices.

Key Services

Information Technology

  • Assistance to start-up companies
  • Negotiation, drafting and implementation of framework conventions on providing or acquiring IT products and services
  • Drafting and implementation of policies pertaining to the use of computer resources
  • Representation before tribunals on any IT-related matter
  • Analysis and monitoring of corporate website compliance
  • Drafting and implementation of policies pertaining to the use of freeware
  • Analysis and advice on software licensing
  • Advice and opinion on e-commerce and online retailing
  • Negotiation of outsourcing, joint management and delegated management agreements
  • Negotiation and structuring of short- and long-term alliances, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Planning and implementation of business continuity and disaster relief programs
  • Risk management (strategic watch) in IT matters
  • Project review and mediation for IT service providers and their clients

Intellectual Property Licences and Valuation

  • Negotiation, drafting and implementation of licence agreements, and distribution and manufacturing rights plans nationally and internationally
  • Strategic planning and optimization of intellectual property valuation tools
  • Implementation of joint ventures and other commercial transactions with strategic partners
  • Advice on all aspects on licensing and distribution

Privacy, Confidentiality and Access to Information

  • Compliance analysis and implementation of privacy programs
  • Drafting and implementation of policies pertaining to privacy, confidentiality, trade secrets, and any other type of information needing protection
  • Legal and strategic advice to those in charge of privacy and access to information matters
  • Implementation of policies and procedures relating to data encryption and cryptographic protocols
  • Representation before all judiciary and administrative tribunals on matters pertaining to access to information
  • Implementation of documentation management and retention of information compliance programs