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Navigating Complicated Transactions with Ease

Our team of experienced attorneys provides highly legal advice on all types of transactions with respect to capital markets and securities legislation. The scope of our advice ranges from the initial stages of the deal to its negotiation and execution. Whether dealing with participants in capital markets or interpreting securities legislation, we work closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are met. Many of the issues arising with securities and access to capital markets are similar from one industry to the next. In this area, our expertise in the manufacturing, energy, mining, life sciences, high technology and telecommunications sectors, coupled with our ability to work fluently in French and English, has proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients.

Accessing Capital Markets

We possess the skills and expertise necessary to guide businesses through the complicated process of going public, and help them comply with ongoing regulatory requirements incumbent on such business under applicable securities laws. Our attorneys frequently counsel businesses through the various stages of their development, from seed financing to initial public offering and subsequent public financing.

Our clients include public businesses, private businesses in the late venture capital stage, investment dealers and foreign law firms. We have a long history of representing entrepreneurial businesses as they enter the public capital markets. We also represent a number of Quebec-based mutual funds and are therefore familiar with the regulatory regime applicable to mutual funds and their managers.

Serving the Industry

Our attorneys have extensive experience in serving the interests of brokers and other capital market participants who are regulated entities under securities laws, such as investment funds and financial advisors. We have been retained as counsel in a number of merger and acquisition transactions involving capital market participants, and therefore have expertise in dealing with the regulatory issues related to such transactions.

Our attorneys also possess the right skills to handle matters related to the constitution of new capital market participants, including investment funds and investment advisors, whether fully regulated or exempt from certain securities legislation or regulatory requirements. With such expertise and know-how, we can provide timely advice tailored to our clients’ needs.

Fostering Long-Term Client Relationships Through Excellence

Our firm is highly regarded for the manner in which it fosters long-term client relationships. This reputation has been earned through our achievements and is rooted in our efficient and responsive service. We are acutely aware that our clients seek value-added legal services, and aim to provide personalized, expert and timely services. We are prompt to react to clients’ requests and we possess the legal knowledge and ability to find practical solutions to complex problems and assist our clients in executing transactions in innovative and cost-effective ways.

Key Services

  • Planning initial public offerings (IPO) for emerging companies
  • Public offerings and private placements by way of debt or equity
  • Listing securities on Canadian stock exchanges
  • Compliance with continuous disclosure requirements, including corporate governance, preparation and filing of annual reports, annual information forms and proxy circulars
  • Takeover and reverse takeover bids, including Iock-up and support agreements
  • Representation of independent board committees in a wide range of transactions
  • Transactions such as insider bids, issuer bids, related party transactions and business combinations requiring minority shareholder approval
  • Registration of capital market participants with regulatory organizations
  • Litigation and other hearings before regulatory organizations
  • Securities-related incentive plans for directors and officers
  • Mergers and acquisitions involving public entities and other capital market participants
  • Translation (French/English) services for securities-related documents
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