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Labour and Employment Law

Seasoned Negotiators and Customized Solutions

Companies of any size may find themselves facing labour problems. Due to the multitude of labour laws and regulations, it can be difficult to escape pitfalls that may prove costly. We advise our clients in all employment matters and we represent employers and their management teams. Our attorneys are recognized experts with well-honed negotiating and litigation skills. They take time to familiarize themselves with a client’s corporate culture so as to propose solutions that are best suited to its needs.

A Diverse Clientele

Our group represents corporate clients, large and small, in connection with all aspects of the employment relationship, especially collective bargaining. We serve a diverse clientele in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, processing, retail, pharmaceuticals and resources. We represent Canadian, U.S. and European companies, providing them with strategic and tactical advice on collective bargaining and arbitration matters, as well as a variety of employment, labour relations, and occupational health and safety issues. We have represented them before administrative courts and judicial tribunals.

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of federal and provincial labour and employment laws. Because Quebec labour and employment law is unique, and the province has the most liberal legislation in Canada, particularly with respect to the rights of unionized and non-unionized employees, our team is favourably positioned to service the needs of clients in this area.

Practical Advice to Avoid Litigation

We provide clients with the day-to-day counselling that assists them in maintaining compliance with applicable laws. We urge them to avoid litigation by dealing with their employees effectively and fairly within the bounds of the law.

Our approach is to put the emphasis on counsel and planning in order to minimize time and cost factors associated with litigation. By planning successfully and guiding employers through situations such as workforce reductions, individual termination or disciplinary actions, we assist our clients in the administration and implementation of policies that comply with federal and provincial laws. We give clients practical advice intended to improve the work climate and increase productivity.

Key Services

  • Grievance arbitration
  • Termination of employment: collective and individual dismissals
  • Labour relations and health and safety issues
  • Unfair employment practices, including non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality
  • Wage parity and rights under the Canadian and Quebec charters
  • Contestation of petitions for union certification
  • Contestation of worker’s compensation claims
  • Contestation of complaints for sexual and psychological harassment
  • Judicial revisions and injunctions
  • Restructuring and/or rationalization programs
  • Collective labour relations and management in unionized and non-unionized environments
  • Civil and administrative litigation of labour disputes (strikes and lock-outs)
  • Collective bargaining
  • Drafting of consultation and employment agreements
  • Representation before the Labour Commissioner, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Labour Relations Commission and the Information Access Commission