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Corporate Law and Business Advisory Services

A Highly Qualified Team

Whether our client is being incorporated, starting operations, going through a major reorganization or seeking specific business advice on a single matter or a broad range of issues, our team is able to assist in a responsive manner.

Our seasoned attorneys and highly qualified paralegals provide our business clientele with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Each paralegal has a degree in collegiate studies or the relevant academic background that allows for accurate interpretation of Canadian legislation and any legislation pertinent to other jurisdictions.

A Team at Your Service

Our attorneys provide drafting services for a wide array of agreements and counsel clients on the development and implementation of strategies pertaining to the start-up, organization or restructuring of businesses.

Our paralegals are involved in all aspects of preparing and filing corporate documentation, from initial incorporation to a wide variety of complex corporate transactions and reorganizations. They possess the skills necessary to draft basic agreements and the supporting corporate resolutions required for various commercial transactions.

Our firm also acts as agent for service or office of record for clients who do not have a place of business in Quebec so that all related matters are diligently handled, including ensuring compliance with The Charter of the French Language.

Key Services

  • Assistance with fiscal and commercial transactions:
    • Procurement of certificates of good standing, attestation, compliance and of existence at the federal and provincial levels
    • Drafting of agreements and preparation of closing schedule
  • Venture capital
  • Incorporations and organizations under provincial, federal and Delaware laws
  • Continuances: prorogation and plan amendments where applicable
  • Provincial and federal sales tax registrations
  • Provincial and extra-provincial registrations as well as subsequent annual follow-ups
  • Amalgamations, including normal and short-form mergers as well as the drafting of amalgamation and equity conversion agreements
  • Quebec registration: for Quebec, Canadian and foreign entities operating in Quebec
  • Liquidations and dissolutions
  • Annual maintenance, including federal reports, provincial declarations, and annual board and shareholder meetings
  • Amendments to incorporating documents, including articles of amendments and the creation of any type of authorized capital
  • Procurement of certificates of good standing, attestation, compliance and of existence
  • Full name searches at the federal and provincial levels
  • Revivals at the federal and provincial levels, where applicable
  • Complete reorganizations:
    • Drafting of documents necessary in cases of incorporation, mergers, acquisitions, estate freezing, rollovers and other commercial transactions
  • Corporate due diligences:
    • Document and business register analysis, and drafting of detailed corporate audit reports, including searches within the RDPRM, PPSA, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Federal court, judicial records, and the Bank Act