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Real Estate

Our team comprises attorneys, lawyers and notaries who have a thorough knowledge of all the legal aspects pertaining to real estate transactions. This expertise enables us to better understand the challenges our clients must face within the framework of their real estate projects.

Our Clientele

We carry out transactions and provide services in support of a large variety of issues for all participants involved in a real estate project. We counsel buyers and sellers, as well as developers, condominium syndicates, contractors, engineers, architects, and owners and tenants of commercial, residential and industrial properties, including individuals, corporations, franchisors and franchisees. Because our expertise is so vastly diversified, we are also called upon to represent hotel operators, resort managers, golf clubs and outdoor companies having to deal with increasingly complex municipal and environmental regulations.

We mainly act on behalf of large national retailers and franchisors, and major housing or commercial building managers and owners, as counsel in the negotiation of commercial leases, rental and subletting offers, lease assignments, commercial exclusivity agreements and non-competition agreements.

To optimize invested capital, real estate transactions and real estate projects often require the implementation of a particular legal and tax structure. We draw upon our firm’s broad spectrum of expertise in environmental law, municipal law, tax, urban planning and financing to provide our clients with a complete solution to complex real estate challenges.


Our experts’ continuous involvement with real estate and construction organizations and associations allows us to maintain good relationships with the different sector participants.

We also work closely with land surveyors, city planners, project managers and owners, brokers and real estate agents.

Key Services

  • Purchase and sale of commercial and industrial buildings
  • Planning and zoning
  • Real estate suretyship
  • Lease agreements
  • Property management agreements
  • Property rights (emphyteusis, surface area, easement)
  • Condominium rights
  • Title examinations and opinions
  • Land and movable hypothecs
  • Public-Private Partnership agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial leases (sublets, assignments)
  • Purchase offers
  • Rental offers, exclusivity provisions, non-competition agreements
  • Optimization of legal and tax structures
  • Retention of title sales