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LRMM au féminin

Several professional women practice and work at Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon, among them, partners, attorneys, notaries, paralegals and executives. Although their positions may differ, these women all have similar goals and often share the same concerns. This not only apply to the women within our firm but to all business women. Regardless of the area in which they are evolving, women are looking for networking, learning and business development opportunities.

The LRMM au féminin group was formed in 2013 to meet these needs.

In a nutshell, LRMM au féminin is:

  • A network of businesswomen promoting the exchange of experiences and know-how;
  • A vehicle enabling women to develop and achieve their personal and professional potential;
  • An opportunity to make connections and to allow professionals with common interests to be in touch with one another;
  • LRMM au féminin is also the strength behind a network comprised of businesswomen, professionals and clients of the firm.