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Energy Law

On the Leading Edge

The energy sector is experiencing strong growth and our expert attorneys are fully cognizant of its legal and commercial complexities. Our team possesses a unique understanding of the public policies that regulate this market. Formerly monopolistic, the sector has since implemented competitive strategies throughout Canada and the United States, creating business opportunities for both seasoned participants and novices alike. Our firm is favourably positioned to service the needs of clients in all aspects of energy and utility matters, including the issues and opportunities presented by the restructuring of the energy sector and the different opportunities they may bring.

Our team of attorneys has a wealth of experience in matters pertaining to energy in Canada. Our attorneys possess in-depth understanding of the applicable legislation and jurisprudence, and have extensive experience in the commercial side of the energy sector, having negotiated amalgamations, mergers, alliances and partnerships.

A Diverse and International Clientele

We provide legal advice to developers, tenders, equity investors and other energy market participants, both large and small. Clients seek our counsel in negotiations with utilities and governments. We assist them in obtaining the permits and authorizations they require for small hydroelectric plants, cogeneration facilities and wind power projects. We also provide counsel in proceedings and complaints before administrative tribunals concerning rates, conditions and tolls.

Understanding the Complexities

Our extensive experience within the energy sector enables us to provide practical, timely and effective legal advice in this rapidly evolving practice area. Because we advise clients on a wide variety of energy issues throughout Canada and internationally, we understand the demands and needs of sector participants.

In addition to strong legal skills, our attorneys also possess broad business experience and a thorough understanding of the energy sector.

  • We excel at manoeuvring through the intricacies of municipal, provincial and federal legislation dealing with financing, tax, land use, real estate, environmental and other legal issues.
  • We advise clients on the development of energy projects, including hydroelectric, cogeneration and alternative energy projects.
  • We represent clients in regulatory approval hearings concerning the transmission and distribution of electric power and natural gas, energy export applications and other regulated matters.
  • We participate in asset acquisitions and dispositions involving both domestic and international transactions.
  • We assist with land and facility agreements, as well as ownership and operating agreements.

A Unique Expertise and an Integrated Team

Our attorneys possess unique expertise in energy issues and have access to the full complement of the firm’s resources. Of particular relevance to the energy sector is the firm’s practice in the areas of corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, environmental law, tax, real estate, litigation, technology and labour law.

We pride ourselves on our proactive, practical approach, and focus on continuity of service and added value. Our expertise in energy issues enables us to anticipate problems and implement timely and creative solutions. Clients rely on our knowledge of the sector, with respect to both the regulatory climate and specific policies and laws.

Dedicated to Excellence

  • Understanding the legal and business implications of the restructuring of the energy sector
  • Knowledge of governmental and utility perspectives
  • A diverse and international clientele, including developers, small and large generation companies, power users as well as traders and brokers
  • Ability to manoeuvre through the intricacies of municipal, provincial and federal regulations and policies
  • Practical, timely and effective advice
  • Proactive and practical approach

Key Services

  • Aboriginal rights and claims
  • Development of energy projects, including hydroelectric, cogeneration and alternative energy projects
  • Environmental matters
  • Facility agreements
  • Issues pertaining to the management of surface and ground water, including supply and distribution, water diversion and displacement of communities
  • Joint ventures
  • Land use agreements
  • Negotiations with governments and utility companies
  • Ownership and operating agreements
  • Purchase and sale of energy
  • Regulatory compliance counsel
  • Representation before energy boards and other administrative bodies
  • Site acquisitions
  • Structuring and financing of energy projects
  • Tax and corporate issues
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