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Marvin Liebman authored the Quebec contributions in Equipment Financing in Canada, published by LexisNexis

October 11, 2018

Reference book to assist finance professionals for both domestic and foreign equipment finance transactions in Canada

As the authors write in their introduction, the book focuses on first defining at a broad brush stroke level what equipment finance is and its market and players in Canada. The general rules regarding the standard Equipment Finance Contract are set out including applicable registrations and insolvency issues. Focus then turns to specialty niche markets and future trends. The authors continue to the effect that they have tried to stay away from technical legal jargon and focus rather on practical business-oriented language in hopes that this will make the book easier to read and a more useful tool.

The portions written by Marvin Liebman1  address the particularities of financing equipment in Québec, notably as concerns the local registry system and related matters.

1 Mtre Liebman is appreciative of the assistance of Mtre Aude Florin in this endeavour.