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Bruno Floriani will be speaking an upcoming conference on recent developments in franchise law

May 6, 2013

Bruno Floriani‘s presentation will touch upon adapting franchise contracts and related documents from other Canadian provinces or the United States for their use in Quebec.

As a result of their experiences elsewhere in North America, some franchisors are unaware of the inherent differences between contracts governed by the common law and contracts governed by Quebec’s civil law, and are tempted to use their common law contracts in Quebec. This practice entails significant risks for franchisors considering an expansion into Quebec, who may discover that their contracts reference terms or concepts that do not exist in civil law and, as a result, many of their rights and recourses may not be enforceable in Quebec. Bruno will provide a practical guide on how to adapt North American contracts to Quebec’s civil law so as to avoid the difficulties of interpretation faced by some North American franchise networks that venture into Quebec for the first time.

This presentation, organized by the Quebec Bar, will be held this coming May 10th at the InterContinental Montreal Hotel and is primarily intended for lawyers practicing franchise law.