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Dual appointment for Peter Moraitis

August 5, 2021

Peter Moraitis has been appointed as Chair of two committees of the Bar of Montreal, namely the Liaison with the Court of Quebec, Civil Division Committee, and the Contests Committee.

Peter joined the Liaison with the Court of Quebec, Civil Division Committee two years ago. Its mandate is to act as a conduit between the lawyers of the Bar of Montreal and the judges of the Civil Division of the Court of Quebec. In addition, the Committee supports activities and projects seeking to promote greater access to justice, in partnership with the judiciary and judicial services.

This recent appointment to the Contests Committee is also a testament to Peter’s continued commitment, having been a member of this group for over eight years. As the organizer of a legal essay competition for elementary and high school students (“Write for Justice”), as well as a debating competition for collegiate-level students, this committee contributes to the visibility of the legal profession. Peter served as Master of Ceremonies for the most recent editions of the debating competition.