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Nancy Cleman to speak at 2021 CAN-TECH Law Annual Conference

October 4, 2021

Nancy Cleman will speak at this year’s CAN-TECH Law Annual Conference, which will take place online on October 20 and 21, 2021.

This event is an opportunity to learn about recent and significant developments in Canadian and international technology law as presented by industry leaders.

On October 20, during a panel titled “Digital Identity in Canada: Risks and Rewards”, Nancy and fellow jurists will discuss hot topic issues surrounding:

  • what digital identity is and how it works
  • the potential use of vaccine passports when travelling
  • the privacy risks and potential infringement of human rights with the use of digital identification technologies
  • the potential limitations for those who choose not to adopt the use of digital identity (either by personal choice or because of their lack of technological advancement)
  • learnings from recent rollouts of digital identity systems in Canada

Founded in 1997, the Canadian Technology Law Association (“CAN-TECH Law”) provides a national forum for practitioners to discuss uniquely Canadian aspects of technology law and related fields. Nancy is President of the Association.

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