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Christopher Deehy to moderate a webinar on substance use issues in the workplace

October 5, 2021

On November 9, Christopher Deehy will moderate a webinar organized by the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) on substance use issues in the workplace. This is the third webinar in the CBA Labour and Employment Law Online Symposium.

Mental health and substance use issues often manifest into addiction for many Canadians. The impact on individuals, families and communities is complex, as is the impact in the workplace and on the employment relationship.

Our panel will present from both the employer and the employee/union perspectives, with the aid and expertise of Recovery Systems Leader, Jessica Cooksey, and will address the workplace components of substance use disorder, addiction and recovery through engaging dialogue with participants. Participants will learn about actionable practice and evidence-based approaches for employees, employers and unions to acknowledge, respond to and support ongoing addiction recovery in the workplace.

This webinar will address:

  • What is an addiction?
  • What is the duty to inquire?
  • Employer, employee and union obligations and roles
  • Key risks and pitfalls

Register here, click here.