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Marissa Carnevale to host a roundtable at CFA Franchise Law Day 2020

September 10, 2020


Marissa Carnevale will facilitate a roundtable discussion, entitled “Franchisor Risks and Responsibilities in Enforcing System Standards in Unusual Times”, at the 2020 edition of CFA Franchise Law Day on September 24.

While franchisors are generally tasked with overseeing their network in a manner that supports a positive brand image and consistent standards, steering franchisees through the uncharted territory of the COVID-19 pandemic may seem daunting. This roundtable session will explore how franchisors may consider navigating the enforcement of system standards and the associated risks and responsibilities, especially when it comes to: compliance with COVID-19-centered standards, compliance with system standards vs. compliance with laws, disparities in treatment, approved suppliers, and how flexible franchisors can be in encouraging viability for their franchisees without compromising the brand image.

This interactive discussion will include examples from the field as well as practical tips for franchisors navigating the current landscape.

Organized by the Canadian Franchise Association, the 2020 edition of Franchise Law Day will be held as a virtual event. For more details, click here.