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Selena Lu, panelist at Governance Networking event organized by the RJCCQ

September 15, 2016


On September 20th, Selena Lu will be a panelist at the Governance Networking event organized by the RJCCQ (Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec – Coalition of Young Chamber of Commerce of Quebec) in collaboration with Leadership Montréal and the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés.

This activity aims to educate young professionals about the importance of serving on boards of directors and the role they can play.

The following questions, among others, will be addressed:

  • What are the obstacles?
  • What is expected of the next generation?
  • What place could be given to them?
  • What are the challenges in terms of diversity, both ethno-cultural and gender (women vs. men)?
  • In what sectors is the involvement of the next generation most important?
  • What types of links and collaboration can they develop with their more experienced counterparts?
  • Why is recruitment sometimes difficult?
  • Are they adopting the best practices in seeking positions on boards of directors?

To answer these questions, Selena will be accompanied by Bruno Déry, President and CEO of the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés of Laval University, Cathy Wong, President of the Conseil des Montréalaises, and Sophie-Emmanuelle Chebin, Partner – Solutions Keyboard and Chair of the Board of Directors – Tablée des chefs.