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Julien Grenier wins 2nd place at the Prix de l’Orateur

June 22, 2016

On June 15, 2016, Quebec’s Court of Appeal hosted the Prix de l’Orateur, where our own Julien Grenier participated as a finalist in the competition. The Prix de l’Orateur and its English counterpart, the English Oratory Competition, were organised by the Young Bar Association of Montreal (YBM) and both took the format of a debate competition.

Each candidate was due to present an oral argument on a topic imposed by the YBM; 2016’s topic was “Is law a merchandise?”. The candidates’ arguments were presented before and evaluated by a jury composed of:

• The honourable Sophie Bourque, judge of the Superior Court of Quebec
• Mtre Olivier Kott, Norton Rose Fulbright
• Mtre Extra Junior Laguerre, president of the Young Bar Association of Montreal
• Mtre Simon Tremblay, Bâtonnier of the Bar of Montreal
• Mtre Greg Moore, representative of the Bar of Quebec
• Mtre Laurence Bich-Carrière, Lavery – winner of the Prix de l’Orateur 2015
• Mtre Angela Nevard, Nevard Legal – winner of the English Oratory Competition 2015

Julien won second place, and his excellent performance was especially highlighted by the YBM.

From left to right:  Mtre Julien Grenier, Mtre Marc James Tacheji, Mtre Extra Junior Laguerre, Ms. Sonia Maknoun, Mtre Jean-Philippe Bolduc and Mtre Francesca Taddeo.