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Bubbly Evening For LRMM au féminin

November 20, 2013


LRMM au féminin committee members have invited several businesswomen to their “Bubbly Evening” to be held this coming November 25th at the Champagnerie located in Old Montreal.

The location, a Place” for a cork-popping 5 to 7, where guests will taste fine bubbles hosted by sommelier Pénélope Delorme. Between each tasting, guests will be able to chat among themselves and network.

Fun, tasting discoveries, exchanges and networking: all elements contributing to make a lively “Bubbly Evening”!


LRMM au féminin is a committee of women whose goal is to increase the visibility of women in circles of influence and to act as a catalyst for business opportunities among women. LRMM au féminin has given itself the mission of combining strengths, maximizing potential, matching talents and creating personal and professional wealth.

For any questions about the activities of the LRMM au féminin group, do not hesitate to contact our Communications Department.