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Rapid fire legal roundtable: hot trends and puzzling issues in 60 minutes

October 2, 2019

Julie Lanteigne will participate in a legal roundtable on current trends and issues that many property owners may face during the Montreal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference to be held at the Palais des Congrès.

This fast-paced session will cover an assortment of “odds and sods” that people often experience in the leasing process. Each issue will be addressed by a legal expert in approximately five minutes, and a debate is sure to ensue with the other experts – and the audience.

The questions examined will include:

  • Cannabis: We can’t smoke it in your common areas, but can we make another use of it?
  • Beware of the tenant’s right to rent reduction due to the fault of a third party (roadwork, REM).
  • Notion of “as is”. What does it really mean.
  • Full stop on penalties in automatic termination clauses and their validity.

For more information or to register for this conference, please visit the Canadian Real Estate Forums website.