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Social Media Law in Business

February 22, 2018

Businesses are continuously striving to improve their online presence, especially through social media platforms, with a view to keeping close ties with their customers and prospective customers. They often search for the best way to provide relevant content to their target market and to better know and understand their customers, while attempting to differentiate themselves in the market through various types of promotions, contests and other campaigns geared toward consumers. This is why social media forms an integral part of the advertising and publicity strategy adopted by so many businesses internationally.

To help businesses and their legal counsel, Marissa Carnevale presented to members of the Lord Reading Law Society on February 22nd, covering various aspects of social media and interesting related legal aspects, including in particular, licenses and terms of use applicable to social media; privacy concerns; copyright and content sharing (text, images, video, etc.); advertising law; and publicity contests.