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Business names in Quebec: Everything You Need to Know!

October 5, 2017

On October 5thMarissa Carnevale gave a presentation named “Business names in Quebec: Everything You Need to Know!” as part of the “Lunchtime Conference” series organized by the Quebec Association of Paralegals.

A name is a key element for registering a business in Quebec. The choice of a name in Quebec is governed by several statutes, including the Québec Business Corporations Act, the Canada Business Corporations Act, and the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises. It is therefore important not only to know the legal requirements regarding business names but also to understand how these laws interact with one another.

The conference covered provincial and federal standards for business names, including the general rules governing the reservation and name selection process, French language requirements, and the distinction between a legal name and a trade name.

Marissa also presented examples of names that can cause problems as well as tips for finding creative solutions.

The presentation was prepared in collaboration with student Maria Bechakjian.