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GOVision McGill - Annual Young Professionals’ Forum

March 20, 2016

Selena Lu will be the speaker at McGill’s Global Oriental Vision (GOVision) – Annual Young Professionals’ Forum – to be held this coming March 20th at La Plaza Hotel.

This TED Talks informal type lecture will focus on success in order to inspire and motivate McGill’s young overseas students to build a future for themselves in Quebec. Selena’s speech will mostly deal with the status of women and visible minorities in Quebec and the concrete elements that can enable these university students to break into the business world.

The other speakers at this forum are:

• Michael Newton, Managing Partner at Fuller Landau LLP
• Michel Brutti, Partner with Jarislowsky Fraser
• Dominique Shum-Tim, Cardiac Surgeon at the McGill Health Center

For further information about the Annual Young Professionals’ Forum, please consult this page.