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Conference on recent developments in insurance law

October 2, 2015

Louis P. Brien will be a speaker as part of the 2015 edition of a conference on recent developments in insurance law.

This conference, entitled “L’incendiat: tenants et aboutissants” (Arson: ins and outs), is a comprehensive overview of a topic that has never been specifically addressed in one single text despite having been covered quite extensively in case law.

Arson, or any act whereby an insured, either himself or through a third party, deliberately causes the loss of an insured property, has always been and will continue to be relevant to lawyers practicing in insurance law. Louis will provide a practical guide on the investigative elements and motives considered by the courts in an arson case. The conference will cover the decisions rendered on this matter that show how our courts evaluate the evidence and give them authority. This comprehensive overview will show, among others, how our courts weigh the effect of a criminal judgment rendered against the insured following arson, the results of a polygraph test, the charge of wilful misconduct on the part of a corporation and the award of general damages or punitive damages when the insurer fails in its arson defence.

This presentation, which will take place on October 2, 2015 at the Palais de congrès de Montréal (Room 510 A), has been organized by the Barreau du Québec and is mainly addressed to lawyers working in insurance law.