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Social media: where to start, what to do?

June 13, 2012

While social media has become a must for businesses, it is imperative to know where to start and how to use it. This was the topic addressed at the cocktail conference organized for our clients last June 13th by the litigation and labour law practice groups.

Diane Bérard, well-known blogger and columnist for Les Affaires, spoke to those in attendance about this new way for businesses to communicate, share, exchange and develop their brand.

Hélène B. Tessier, partner and head of the litigation group, prepared a list of the most important social media rules to be followed. This list was distributed out to the attendees.

Antonietta Melchiorre, partner and also head of the litigation group, explained the importance of creating a social media-related policy in order to avoid conflicts.

Finally, Jacquelin Caron, partner with the firm, also presented a legal information capsule entitled “L’utilisation des médias sociaux affecte-t-elle votre expectative de vie privée?” (Does the use of social media affect your expectation of privacy?).

The presentations were followed by a cocktail during which the speakers answered questions from the attendees.